Two mothers from Hampshire say they have been left in unbearable pain and forced to undergo surgery to remove a sterilisation device, implanted on the NHS.

They are among a growing number of women undergoing procedures after the device, called Essure, was withdrawn from the NHS and Europe.

Mum of five, Laura Linkson from Southampton had an Essure device implanted after having her fifth child, Charlie.

It was described by her doctor as a simple, less invasive method of sterilisation.

She later had it removed but still suffers from chronic side effects.

Shenow helps to run a support group on social media, where she found she was not alone.

Two coils made of metal and plastic are inserted into the fallopian tubes, preventing eggs reaching the womb.

Potential side effects are listed but a high level of reported complications has coincided with the device being withdrawn from sale in Britain and Europe Credit: Bayer

Anne Cattrell from Andover says she endured two years of unexplained agony before realising her implant might be the cause.

I was so relieved to know that I wasn't alone, that it was real, and that the pain could go away if I had a hysterectomy. Literally as soon as I had that operation I woke up. The pain was gone - that constant scraping, pulling, fogginess, tiredness-gone. I jumped out of that bed- they couldn't believe it - I couldn't believe it."

Anne Cattrell
Laura started a group on social media and found she was not alone

No official body has found a direct link between the problems experienced and the implants.

Bayer, the company that make Essure, have withdrawn the device from sale, adding: "patient demand has been low and the trend is not expected to change."

Laura and Anne say the fallout has cost them both medically and financially and are now calling for a national register of medical devices to build up a picture of implants and the impact they have.

Laura is now raising money to have specialist surgery in Holland in the hope of getting her life back to normal.

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