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Overwhelming response to pollution consultation


Southampton, Brighton, Oxford and Portsmouth have been listed by the World Health Organisation as over the accepted limit of “fine particle pollution”.

The Government have asked Southampton City Council and New Forest District Council to work together to combat the issue of air pollution within cities.

The Clean Air Zone initiative led by Southampton City Council and New Forest District Council aims to reduce levels of nitrogen dioxide to legal standards.

The public's response to the consultations exceeded expectations with over 9,000 views received.

Following this, Southampton City Council are considering congestion charges in order to reduce pollution levels.

Older lorries, taxis and buses could soon be charged to drive into Southampton city centre.

of people who responded to the consultation felt that air quality in Southampton was a big problem
of people agreed with the aims of the Clean Air Zone

The feedback provides us with a clear understanding of what people think is important – including the impact on public health, transport and the economy.”

– Steve Leggett, Cabinet Member for Green City, Southampton City Council Councillor

Interviewee: Mitch Sanders, Southampton City Council

New Forest District Council will submit its plan for Government approval by 31 December 2018.

Southampton City Council will submit its plan by 31 January 2019.