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French woman living in Kent for 20 years denied benefits


A French woman, who has lived in Kent for more than twenty years, has been told by Government officials she has no right to any benefits.

Christine Hopper, who is a widow, has had her universal credit stopped without warning.

The Tai Chi teacher from Whitstable says she is now relying on hand outs from friends to survive.

Christine teaches Tai Chi, but claims universal credit, until the business makes enough for her to live on.

After 20 years in the UK, having worked and brought up her daughter here, Christine has been told she is not eligible for universal credit payments.

The Department for Work and Pensions says that Ms Hopper originally declared she was British.

When her claim was updated, Ms Hopper "confirmed she was French and after failing a Habitual Residence Test she was found ineligible for Universal Credit."

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