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HMS Queen Elizabeth warship returns to Portsmouth

HMS Queen Elizabeth at sea Photo: ITV

HMS Queen Elizabeth returns to Portsmouth today after 114 days away at sea. The navy's new three billion pound carrier set sail from the city in August.

The 65 thousand tonne warship has been based off the coast of Virginia and Maryland during which F35 jets landed on her deck for the first time.

F-35 jet on HMS Queen Elizabeth's flight deck Credit: ITV

In her two months of trials in the United States there have been 400 take-offs and landings by jets that will use her flight deck when she is fully operational.

The trip to the USA was the first for many on board including 17-year-old Aaron Dunning. The teenager from Fareham, who is the ship's youngest sailor, described his deployment as "quite daunting."

HMS Queen Elizabeth's final full day at sea was as busy as any since she left Portsmouth.

There was much activity on deck as helicopters came and went on her vast hangar. Captain Nick Cooke-Priest addressed his thousand-strong crew to congratulate them on a job well done.

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