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Kent newsagent tells of sleepless nights after thieves ransack home

Newsagent Stella Patel Photo: ITV

A newsagent from Kent says she was left afraid to leave her house and unable to sleep after her home was ransacked and family heirlooms worth tens of thousand of pounds were stolen.

Jewellery collected and handed down over generations was taken from Stella and Sunil Patel's home in Littlestone-on Sea near New Romney.

Thieves took gold jewellery, which had huge sentimental value, between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm on November 23.

Some had been handed down by Stella's parents and worn on her wedding day. Other items had been paid for by the Patels after years of work. All of the items were due to be handed down to their three daughters.

A necklace was among the precious items stolen from Stella Patel's home

I'm just absolutely devastated and completely broken. They don't realise how much hard work has gone into it. For them it's just a piece of jewellery. For me it was so much more. It meant everything."

– Stella Patel
Stella's photo of herself and her husband Sunil on their wedding day

The family are appealing to the community to come forward if they spot the unique items for sale. Watch the full story here from our reporter Sarah Saunders.