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Postmistress traumatised by violent armed robbery in Purley-on-Thames

Door of post office targeted by armed robbers Photo: ITV

A postmistress from Berkshire says she's been left traumatised after her life was threatened during a violent armed robbery.

The attack happened in the quiet village of Purley-on-Thames on Thursday morning, when two men - one black and one white - targeted the post office claiming they had a gun.

Ruchi Sandhu left traumatised by armed robbers

Manager Ruchi Sandhu has been running her shop for 11 years. She is currently too frightened to re-open and has spoken to Meridian in the hope of catching the offenders.

Ruchi is desperate to re-open her post office during the busy festive period. But panic attacks and re-living the moment a customer turned on her have so far made that impossible.

He looked me in the face and told me he had a gun and he would use it. I started to panic and begged for my life. Then the other man tried to get out and he turned and looked at me and said if I made a sound or called the police they would come back and kill me."

– Postmistress Ruchi Sandhu

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