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War veteran heartbroken after thieves steal photos of late wife

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A Second World War veteran in Hampshire says he is absolutely heartbroken after thieves stole a bag containing decades-old photographs of his late wife.

Stanley Taylor, 94, was shopping in Peacocks in Fleet with his daughter Julie when the bag was snatched from his walking aid. It contained his wallet, medical papers and diary.

Within half an hour, the thieves used his stolen bank cards to withdraw £300, before making more attempts to buy items at an Argos in Aldershot, Hampshire.

Stanley's family have turned to social media in the hope of reuniting Stanley with his precious images - his story has been shared thousands of times.

I had those pictures right through the Second World War, three years in China, a year in Korea. They were of my Barbara. And I thought the world of that girl. It broke my heart to have them taken from me by some petty thief.

– Stanley Taylor.

The decorated war hero met his wife Barbara while training in Croydon and Reigate during WW2. He was an anti-tank gunner, and as a corporal, was part of the first wave to take Sword Beach on D-Day. He was awarded the Légion D’Honneur, the highest French order for military and civil merits.

Stanley's granddaughter, Kathryn, said: "We should be looking after our older generation who fought in the war, not preying on them. And that's what makes me so sad, because these people are preying on them on purpose."

The theft took place in Peacocks in Fleet

There were no CCTV images from Peacocks, but police are checking cameras at locations where Stanley's bank cards were used.