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Food delivery company helping to locate missing people

A food delivery company has teamed up with a missing person charity a bid to reunite families with missing loved ones.

Deliveroo - working alongside Missing People UK - is displaying posters on riders' backpacks to help publicise cases and try to bring people together.

So far, the campaign has helped to find three missing people. And that's offering hope to two families from Hampshire and Sussex, who desperately want to find their missing relatives.

At their home in Waterlooville, the Bone family are facing the prospect of a first Christmas without their son, Matthew. The 27-year-old has been missing since March this year and they say they've been doing all they can to find him:

Another case being highlighted in the campaign is that of Georgina Gharsalla from Worthing. The 31-year-old mum vanished nine months ago:

Malcolm Shaw has this report:

More details about the charity can be found here: Missing People UK