An eight-week-old kitten has been rescued in Aylesford after getting stuck in a car engine.

The kitten had been hiding under a car bonnet overnight in Mackenders Close, Eccles, Aylesford on Saturday 8th December at around 10am when a motorist heard a noise and lifted the car bonnet, spotting the cat inside.

The scared kitten then jumped out of the car and ran into the car engine compartment of the next vehicle - getting himself stuck.

The motorist called the RSPCA who came to the kitten’s rescue, alongside Kent Fire and Rescue Service.

When I arrived the kitten was right at the bottom of the engine, I tried to reach him but it was proving impossible. I was very grateful for the help of Fire and Rescue Service who came and unscrewed the bottom of the engine so that they could reach him and pull him free. Unfortunately, the kitten wasn’t as grateful as I was. He was a little feisty! It doesn't look as though he has had much handling by people before this.”

Inspector Grace Harris-Bridge, RSPCA

The kitten - who has now been named Spark Plug, or ‘Sparky’ - was uninjured but covered in oil.

He is now being cared for by animal welfare officers at the RSPCA Canterbury branch, who are looking for a foster home for him.