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Dinosaur footprints discovered in Sussex

A large iguanodontian footprint Photo: Dr Neil Davies

Dinosaur footprints dating back between 100 and 145 million years have been uncovered in Hastings.

An ankylosaur footprint with skin and claw impressions Credit: Dr Neil Davies

More than 85 dinosaur footprints from at least seven different species dating back to the Cretaceous Period have been uncovered.

The footprints range in size from less than 2cm to more than 60cm and are so well preserved that fine details of skin, scales and claws are visible.

A small theropod (carnivore) footprint Credit: Dr Neil Davies

The footprint fossils are important in helping scientists to learn more about dinosaur communities.

Researchers from the University of Cambridge, Dr Neil Davies and PhD student Anthony Shillito have been uncovering the footprints since strong winter storms in 2014 caused sections of the cliffs to collapse.

Interviewee: Antony Shillito, PhD student, Cambridge University

Whole body fossils of dinosaurs are incredibly rare. A collection of footprints like this helps you fill in some of the gaps and infer things about which dinosaurs were living in the same place at the same time.

– Antony Shillito

It is believed that more dinosaur footprints remain within the eroding cliffs of East Sussex, but that the construction of sea defences to slow coastal erosion may keep them locked within the rock.