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Drivers face years of roadworks as M27 smart motorway work begins

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Interviewee: Jill Williamson, Highways England

Drivers using the M27 in Hampshire face years of roadworks as work to turn it into a smart motorway begins.

A 15 mile stretch between junctions 4 near Southampton and 11 for Fareham will be affected.

is how much the smart motorway scheme will cost

Highways England expects the scheme to take two and a half years to complete.

There will be a 50mph speed restriction in place until it is finished.

The work will see the hard shoulder turned into a running lane Credit: ITV Meridian

New CCTV cameras, electronic information signs, and signals on gantries will be installed.

There will also be 13 new emergency areas throughout the length of the project.

You can find out more on the smart motorway scheme here.