Heathrow plans could mean 25,000 more flights per year before third runway built

There are currently 480,000 take-offs and landings every year at Heathrow Credit: ITV Meridian
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Heathrow Airport has announced plans which could see an extra 25,000 flights a year before the controversial third runway is built.

It could mean a much larger percentage of planes flying over the Thames Valley.

The plans comes as an eight-week public consultation opens for local communities to have their say on the proposals.

A five and a half hour night flight ban has been confirmed Credit: ITV Meridian

Once the third runway is built the number of take-offs and landings at Heathrow Airport could rise to more than 720,000 per year.

That is 240,000 a year more than at present.

However, there would be new flight paths to spread the noise.

A five and a half hour night flight ban has also been confirmed.

A public consultation about the plans has begun Credit: ITV Meridian

Heathrow says it is "committed to minimising the impacts of noise from the airport" and "invites communities to get involved and have their say".

The consultation will run from January 8 until March 4 2019.

There will be more than 30 consultation events across the local area during this time where members of the public can ask questions and give feedback.

More information about the consultation events can be found here.

A further consultation will be held in June on Heathrow's plans for expansion, including the new runway and infrastructure as well as options to manage the effects of the airport's growth.

Heathrow is Credit: ITV Meridian