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An elderly horse which became stuck on a footbridge is 'doing amazingly well' after being winched to safety by firefighters.

One of Buster's hind legs had become trapped in the wooden bridge and after struggling for hours he was exhausted and bruised, but avoided any serious injuries.

The rescue lasted nearly four hours Credit: Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue

The 28-year-old horse had to be sedated by a vet as he was winched to safety by the Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service.

The fire service's specialist team carry out between 60 and 70 animal rescues a year. This operation took nearly four hours.

We couldn't work on the bridge as it was far too narrow, there was a lot of foliage either side and it was over a stream. So we had to use one of our specialist vehicles with a crane on the back to lift Buster out.

Neil Carter, RBFRS

The fire service praised Buster's owner, Angela Bellamy, for keeping him calm during the rescue. She said she was 'overwhelmed' when they lowered him down to the ground and he took a few steps.

I cried, because until he walked we just didn't know if he'd broken anything or whether he'd come round from the sedation. But he's a fighter, he's always been a fighter and I cannot thank the fire brigade enough for what they did for him. Every single person was caring, supportive and just amazing.

Angela Bellamy

Both Angela and the fire service are reminding people to shut gates when walking through fields with animals in.