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Primary school in Kent targeted by vandals

  • Sarah Saunders visited the school to find out more:

Interviewees: Martin Walker, Site Manager & Marilyn Warner, Teacher, Speech & Language Unit

A primary school on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent has been targeted by a group of vandals.

During the Christmas holidays, four youths broke in to West Minster Primary School, smashing windows, wrecking play equipment and destroying the security cameras that were recording them.

worth of damage was caused by the vandals

The school’s specialist Speech and Sound Unit for children with language and hearing difficulties was also damaged.

Staff and pupils were shocked to discover the damage when they returned to the school after the Christmas holidays.

Credit: ITV Meridian

"We were absolutely heartbroken. It was a really massive deal to get all this equipment and then to find its broken, it's just soul destroying.

– Marilyn Warner, Teacher, Speech and Language Unit

While the cost of some of the damage will be met by insurance, site manager Martin Walker says they are going to have to "spend money from the school budget", which means they "won't be able to buy as many supplies" for the children as they would like to.

The school has been inundated with support from parents.