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80% of 999 calls to Thames Valley Police not genuine emergencies

Not all 999 calls to Thames Valley Police are genuine emergencies Photo: ITV Meridian

Thames Valley Police are urging the public to consider whether a situation is a real emergency before dialling 999.

Juliet Fletcher has the report:

The force currently receives more than a quarter of a million emergency calls every year – most of which are not genuine emergencies.

Credit: ITV Meridian
of 999 calls to Thames Valley Police are not genuine emergencies

Within one day, operators at Thames Valley Police control centre noted receiving calls by people who had grown impatient waiting on the non-emergency 101 line. As a result, genuine emergency calls were being delayed.

Credit: ITV Meridian

Gavin Macmillan, Contact Centres Manager says that Thames Valley Police are keen to emphasise that they are not blaming the public but thinks that “there is a lack of understanding about the options for contacting the police."

The message from Thames Valley Police is clear - think before you dial.