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Dog attack leaves sheep with serious injuries in Oxfordshire

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Farmers are being warned to be vigilant after a dog attack left a sheep with serious injuries in Oxfordshire.

Mel Bloor has this report:

A pregnant ewe at Earth Trust Farm in Little Wittenham, needed stitches after a dog attack caused injuries to her body and face.

The dog managed to attack the ewe after it went through a five-strand barbed fence. The owner of the dog left the scene without reporting it, but luckily a passer-by raised the alarm.

Sheep injured in dog attack
the rise in dog attacks on sheep in two years.

Following the dog attack on Saturday, all the ewes were scanned to check none had miscarried.

Luckily the ewe is still pregnant, but farmers are concerned that the stress of the attack could result in her and other ewes to miscarry at a later date.

Sheep being scanned to check if they miscarried Credit: ITV Meridian

Emma, a farmer at Earth Trust Farm, has said that there is “at least one incident a year” with them becoming more frequent as “members of the public don’t see it as a concern to keep their dogs under control.”

In 2016, six sheep drowned after being chased into a river by a dog off its lead.

Dog attacks cost the farming industry an estimated £1.2 million per year and can have consequences for dog owners as farmers may sue dog owners for compensation and the dog can be legally shot by a farmer.

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Please come and enjoy the countryside, I'm not one of these people that are like get off my land. I get the privilege to enjoy it and I want everybody to enjoy it, but dogs will chase, it's a game, it's their wolf instinct. Even if you've got brilliant recall on your dog please do keep it on a lead when there's livestock around.

– Emma, farmer at Earth Trust Farm
Credit: ITV Meridian