Stalked for 10 years- Sussex mother speaks of ordeal

A mother from Sussex has spoken of her terror after a total stranger stalked her for 10 years.

Lorraine Mitchell from Hastings says she was continually let down by police as she feared for her life, followed and harassed by a man she'd never met before who claimed he knew all about her.

This week she joins five other brave women raising awareness of services to support victims of violence, assault and abuse.

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Lorraine Mitchell used to be too scared to take her dog for a walk after a stranger approached her in a car park and her life was overtaken by fear.

He asked if i would go out with him. I said I wasn't interested. Then he offered me a rose and a card and said please, please just give me a chance, I think you're really gorgeous. I've been watching you for two years and I know everything about you. HE knew my name, he knew my address, he knew my kids names...

Lorraine Mitchell, stalking victim

Lorraine finally found help through the Brighton based support service Veritas. She's now supporting them in Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne's victim campaign Safe Space Sussex.

I have received apologies from the police and the PCC because I did put a complaint in and since then they are making changes with the way they are dealing with stalking cases and I've been asked to speak at police training days to help raise awareness. So I'm trying to make something good come out of something bad.

Lorraine Mitchell, stalking victim

Veritas received a staggering 400 referrals for stalking in Sussex last year.

Salih was finally caught in August 2017 and jailed for four years. He's due to be released this summer.

Salih was finally caught in August 2017

More details about the Safe Space project can be found at