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Overseas care home staff 'living in limbo' as post-Brexit future uncertain

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Interviewees: Noelia Lleal, Head of housekeeping & Anna Bombardelli, Carer & Kevin Gunputh, Managing Director, Luxurycare Group & Tobias Ellwood MP, Bournemouth East & Angela Peterne-Lakatos, Head of care.

Overseas staff at a care home in Bournemouth say they are 'living in limbo' as their future remains uncertain post-Brexit.

There are growing fears that there could be 100,000 fewer care staff when the UK leaves the EU.

Carers may have to apply to stay in the UK and it may become harder for businesses to recruit from overseas.

Many carers are unsure about their future post-Brexit Credit: ITV Meridian

More than one third of staff at Seabourne House Care Home come from outside the UK.

The care sector increasingly relies on staff from the EU, and with a growing elderly population many more will be needed.

It is feared restrictions after Brexit could see the pool of overseas workers dramatically decrease.

staff working in social care come from Europe - which is 17% of the total staff

It is predicted ending freedom of movement could result in 115,000 fewer care workers by 2026.

The MP for Bournemouth East, Tobias Ellwood, visited the care home in Bournemouth to give the manager, staff and local councillors the chance to grill him about the issue.

MP for Bournemouth East Tobias Ellwood visited the Bournemouth care home Credit: ITV Meridian

I can assure you because we need these people, these places are critical and whether that be here or in hospitals or other parts of critical industry, we need to make sure that the message goes out that if you want to work in Britain you are welcome."

– Tobias Ellwood, MP for Bournemouth East
The future of overseas workers remains unclear under a no-deal Brexit Credit: ITV Meridian

Under the withdrawal agreement measures have been put in place to protect workers from the EU, but it is less clear under a no-deal situation.

Staff want more reassurances that life and business can carry on as normal.

There could be 100,000 fewer care staff when the UK leaves the EU Credit: ITV Meridian

The care industry is already under pressure because of cutbacks, low wages and a desperate shortage of staff.

The Government says it is investing more money to improve recruitment in the UK.