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Lions set for new home on Isle of Wight face uncertain future over Brexit red tape

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Two former circus lions due to start their new life at the Isle of Wight Zoo face an uncertain future because of Brexit red tape.

5-year-old brothers Vigo and Kumba are currently being held at a rescue centre in Alicante in Spain.

They are due to be re-homed on the island but experts at the zoo are worried about changes to customs laws and an increase in costs.

These are animals that are used to being in small cages and transported a lot. We don't want to put them through that suffering anymore. We want to give them a much happier passage. Somewhere like here where they will now stay and they won't need to go anywhere else after that. We don't want to give them that extra stress."

– Veronica Crisp, Chief Executive, Wildheart Trust
The Trust is home to a number of wild cats

The zoo already has two rescue lions, Casper and Frosty, so it says it knows exactly what to expect.

Casper and Frosty

The trust has set up a fundraising page to get the two lions to the Isle of Wight and can be found here.