Permanent anti-terrorism barriers being installed in Windsor

Artist impression of new anti-terrorism barriers

New anti-terrorism barriers costing more than £1 million are due to be installed in Windsor this summer.

The six new barriers will replace the temporary blockades that were installed in Windsor in March 2017 following the Westminster attacks.

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead will pay £942,000 towards the project and Thames Valley Police will pay £250,000.

The manual barriers will be installed on the roads and pavements around Windsor Castle, in order to keep residents safe.

All six barriers have been designed to fit with Windsor's "unique heritage" and specialist security consultants have worked to determine the best position and security for each barrier.

Councillor Phillip Bicknell says that the barriers are "elegant, a good design and in keeping with the town."

  • Below: photo of the blockades currently in Windsor and an artist impression of the new anti-terrorism barriers

Temporary blockades currently in Windsor Credit: ITV Meridian
Artist impression of new anti-terrorism barriers

Interviewee: Councillor Phillip Bicknell, Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Windsor