Miracle kitten survives two weeks in freezing cold before being rescued

A kitten managed to survive a fortnight in freezing cold temperatures before she was rescued in Hampshire.

Libby was abandoned along with her four siblings.

However they had been rescued two weeks earlier when they were spotted near Botley Park golf course.

She was then found in a country lane by volunteers are Cat Protection's Fareham branch.

They say she was underweight and had an injured nose after her terrifying ordeal.

A volunteer fosterer at Cat Protection is caring for Libby, feeding her a teaspoon of food every hour since she was rescued.

Libby's four siblings were found two weeks earlier

The first four kittens, thought to be about 12 weeks old when they were rescued, have already been adopted and moved to their forever homes.

The charity say it has a list of people waiting to adopt Libby when she’s well enough.