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Kitten abandoned on a roadside in Botley escapes death

Libby was found abandoned and underweight on a country lane in Botley Photo:

A kitten that survived two weeks living outdoors, without food in freezing weather, has been described as a miracle by the animal charity who rescued her.

Libby the kitty was found starving, underweight and with a brutal looking injury on her nose on a country lane near Botley Park Golf Course,

Libby peering through a cage

Animal welfare workers who came to the aid of the tiny black kitten say they were stunned at how she had somehow managed to survive alone in bitterly cold conditions

Libby in the arms of a cat rescue volunteer

It was after 8pm and in the middle of nowhere, so it was very dark and scary - there's just fields and a narrow lane so we only just got the car down there.

We seem to be living in a throwaway society where some people think nothing of just dumping cats.

– Lorri Seymour - Coordinator Cats Protection, Fareham

Libby's four siblings had been rescued a fortnight earlier after a member of the public saw them and contacted cat protection volunteers.

She was eventually found after the same member of the public who discovered her siblings spotted her on January 20.

Libby's four siblings

Members of the public had managed to catch two kittens and we used traps* with food inside to catch two others - it took a couple of hours but the kittens were really hungry so they were eventually tempted inside.

The lady who called us said she'd seen five kittens, but there was no sign of the fifth. We waited as long as we could, but we needed to get the other kittens checked over - it was an awful dilemma.

– Lorri Seymour - Cat's Protection
Two of Libby's siblings snoozing

Libby four siblings, thought to be about 12 weeks old when they were rescued, have been adopted and moved to their forever homes.

Cats Protection in Fareham say there's a happy ending for Libby too. She'll move to a new home when she's fully recovered.

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