Orphan reunited with police officer who rescued her after 1969 Gatwick crash

PC Keith Simmonds and 18-month-old Beverley Jones pictured together in 1969

A woman orphaned at 18-months-old after her parents were killed by an aeroplane crashing into their home, has been reunited with a police constable who rescued her from the wreckage.

Beverley Jones' mother and father were living a house on Fernhill Lane in Horley when a Boeing 727 airliner crashed into their house on its approach to Gatwick Airport in heavy fog in January, 1969.

It was an emotional reunion between Beverley and former police officer Keith Simmonds, who tore away rubble from the house and discovered the shattered remains of a pink cot before finding Ms Jones when she was a baby.

Remains of the plane that crashed into the house of Beverley Jones's parents

The plane crash, which claimed the lives of passengers and crew members, was one of the worst plane disasters Britain had ever seen.

On its approach Ariana Afghan flight 701 never made it to the Gatwick runway. The official inquiry blamed pilot error for bringing the Boeing 727 down too early in freezing fog.

The plane clipped a tree and demolished Beverly's house.Fifty people died in addition to Beverley's parents. Just 14 people survived

Keith Simmonds and Beverley reading through newspaper stories about the crash
News story on Beverley Jones surviving the plane crash

Beverley was raised by her grandparents and still lives near Gatwick. Keith retired from Surrey to north Devon. They last saw each other on her 21st birthday but lost touch.

When asked how she felt about Mr Simmonds rescue efforts on that fateful day Beverley said she was "very grateful."

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