Grammar schools in the south to benefit from £50 million Government grant

Bournemouth School is one of 16 Grammar schools to benefit from the grant

Grammar schools across the South will receive a share of a £50 million Government grant in a bid to increase the number of places they can offer.

Those who will benefit from the extra money in our region include:

  • Bournemouth Grammer School for Boys

  • Bournemouth Grammer School for Girls

  • Kendrick School in Reading

  • Two schools in Buckinghamshire

"We're absoutely over the moon about securing that amount of money. "It will improve our dining room, give us some more up-to-date facilities, larger classrooms and provide for our students the sort of environment that they should be in."

Dr Dorian Lewis, Headmaster at The Bournemouth School

However, the decision has been met with some controversy.

Some say at a time when headteachers are protesting due to a lack of funding, spending a large amount of money on just a few schools is a mistake.

Jules White, Sussex headteacher and Worth Less Campaigner

"Schools are under real financial pressure right across our region and then suddenley our Department for Education can find £50 million for just a few thousand school places, which works out at around £12,000 to £15,000 per new school place. "We're mystified as to why the Government feels that this is a priority and the majority of other schools aren't."

Jules White, Sussex headteacher and Worth Less Campaigner
Nuala Burgess, Comprehensive Future

"It's unjust. It's completely unjust. We have all schools on their knees at the moment through lack of funding. "They've chosen to award this windfall to 16 schools. It gives the perception - I think - that this Government doesn't care about the type of school that most children are attending.

Nuala Burgess, Comprehensive Future

In a statement, the Department for Education said:

A statement from the Department for Education

Several of the selective secondary's say the money is needed because they're not immune from the budget squeeze and for too long, they've been neglected; while multi-million pound school building projects, including academies, have been funded.

David Sidwick, Chair of Governors at Bournemouth School

"The last time we had funding like this was in the 1960's so I think you have to look as this not as taking money away from other schools, but as a rebalancing."

David Sidwick, Chair of Governors at Bournemouth School