Sports for all! People with a disability encouraged to take up a sport this winter

Credit: ITV Meridian

Sports classes for people with disabilities are being offered at a centre in Medway.

Wheelchair basketball, table tennis and new age curling (curling without ice) are just some of the sports available.

According to Sports England, a person with a disability is half as likely to play sport as a non-disabled person.

The Medway centre are offering classes because they recognise the importance of exercise and wellbeing for everyone.

The sports provide opportunities to make friends Credit: ITV Meridian

The sports classes also offer people with disabilities the opportunity to socialise and to make friends.

Table tennis is one of many sports available Credit: ITV Meridian

Interviewee: Jordan Gower, Sports Development Officer

A lot of the people in the club here they said they didn't have a lot to do during the day, they were sitting down a lot, not doing a lot of exercise because they were put off from doing it. Whereas, they've come here, they've met people who are very much like themselves and they are literally just enjoying it and doing well.

Jordan Gower, Sports Development Officer

The sports offered at the centre are adapted to suit everyone.

There are a variety of sports on offer that bothhelp to improve physical fitness and to support people's mental health.

Interviewee: Ben Fuller, Participant

To be honest with you, I get the joy out of it. Each week I come and it's just great for me and personally, you obviously gain the friends aspect of it as well. I just love it, I just love sports in general!

Ben Fuller, Participant

Classes run every Wednesday evening and are open to people of all abilities.

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