Residents at a care home in Berkshire received a visit from some exotic guests.

Hand-reared Humboldt penguins, Pringle and Charlie, popped in to Mountbatten Grange in Windsor where residents got the chance to feed and stroke them.

The visit was organised to surprise 92-year-old resident Annie Thelwell.

Annie is a life-long fan of the animal, always wearing a penguin-shaped pendant and has a memory box filled with pictures of them.

She is one of the first residents in the new Windsor care home and had made a wish on the home’s wishing tree to see penguins.

The penguins live in a specially constructed enclosure, including a swimming pool, pebbled beach and penguin house at Heythrop Zoo in Chipping Norton.

Originating from South America, the animals are used to warm weather and can adjust to different environments.

The penguins regularly meet new people and attend workshops and educational talks all around the UK, which aim to raise the general public’s awareness of conservation matters.

The penguins were so friendly, and we know just how beneficial animal therapy can be for older people – especially for those living with dementia. Being close to animals can help lift a person’s mood, stimulate social interaction and ease agitation – and the penguins were brilliant at doing just that!”

Saad Baig, Home Manager