1. ITV Report

UK Weather forecast: Bright and mild across much of the Meridian region with temperatures rising later in the week

Weather for the west of the region.

Weather for the east of the region.

This afternoon: A mild, dry and bright afternoon but with a but more cloud feeding in at times. Maximum temperature 11 deg C (52 deg F).

Tonight: Variable cloud amounts overnight, but where clear spells occur it will allow patchy fog to form. However, it should remain dry and largely frost free. Minimum temperature 2 deg C (36 deg F).

Wednesday: Early mist and fog patches lifting, followed by sunny spells and feeling pleasantly mild by afternoon in light winds. Maximum temperature 11 deg C (52 deg F).

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday: Thursday and Friday, dry with sunny spells after early patchy fog and frost clear. Mild. Saturday, probably cloudier but bright spells are likely to develop. Mild.