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BB gun robbers given the chase after store worker challenges them


A shopkeeper chased masked thieves out of convenience store in Hove in a dramatic gunpoint robbery.

They burst into the Happy Planet shop, in Montefiore Road, Hove at 10pm yesterday evening.

But in a split-second decision, instead of giving over the cash the thieves demanded, the shopkeeper did the unthinkable and challenged the two people.

CCTV captured the dramatic stand-off between the robbers and shopworker

He pulled out a knife in self defence, which succeeded in scaring off the two. But he says he didn't make the decision lightly, he had realised they were pointing a BB gun at him and not a real one.

He then proceeded to chase the pair out of the shop and onto the street, all of which was captured on CCTV.

They left behind a pair of white flip flops, which are now being tested by police.