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Portsmouth tower blocks to be 'deconstructed' not demolished following cladding removal


Two housing towers in Portsmouth are set to be torn down after it was revealed work to make them fire safe would cost the council more than £86m.

Cladding was removed from Leamington House and Horatia House in Portsmouth in the wake of the Grenfell tragedy.

Fears over cladding sparked a safety report into a number of high rise buildings across the country.

The cost of repairing Horatio House in Portsmouth is said to be nearly £90m

Recent work revealed the original 1960s structure and material of the blocks was not strong enough and the cost to repair the buildings was untenable.

800 residents originally lived in the two blocks, but building work isn't due to begin until the 50 remaining tenants in Leamington and Horatia are moved out, which is thought to be by the end of spring.

Portsmouth City Council said if the towers are demolished, the area would be used to create more affordable housing for local people.

A final decision on the high rise buildings in Somers Town is to be made on the 26th February.