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45-year-old family-run business in flames after vandals set fire to their children's park


The owner of a traditional fairground in Southampton says he put his last savings into revamping it before part of it was badly damaged by a fire.

Police say they're treating the blaze at the Children's Pleasure Park near the Sports Centre as arson.

Fred Salter's family have been running the site for 45 years.

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Fred Salter surveys what's left of the party room where memories have been made by generations of children.

It was razed to the ground in the early hours Credit: ITV Meridian

It was razed to the ground in the early hours yesterday (Monday 18th February) in a suspected arson attack. Vandals also damaged the little train.

Fred Salter, Owner:

They've been overwhelmed by the help and support of local workers giving up their lunch hour to help with the clean up.

The electrics don't work but parts of the park are still open during what should be a busy half term.

The electrics don't work Credit: ITV Meridian

There's a silver lining- a fundraising campaign has already raised almost £2000.

Caitilin Hayward, Fred's daughter:

They're determined to rebuild, promising that the Children's Pleasure Park won't be lost forever.