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Pavement paintings hope to highlight dangers of pouring fat down the kitchen sink


Pavement paintings of fat bergs have been unveiled on streets across Berkshire.

Thames Water hope the 3D images will make people think twice about the amount of fat they pour down their drains and can get clogged up in the sewers below.

How much Thames Water pay out every year to tackle fatbergs
'Fatbergs' clog up the sewage system beneath parts of Berkshire

The water company, which is based in Reading, says it pays out £18m every year to unblock sewers.

They want the pictures to make people think twice about the impact they can have on the water system and the effects of pouring fat down the kitchen sink.


Sewers designed only for water, toilet paper and human waste are increasingly used as a rubbish bin. The sewer system simply cannot cope.

As more and more ’unflushables’ (items that should not be flushed) get thrown into the drains, the more a fatberg grows.