Baby born with lung condition can't come home, says hospital

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A family from Crawley have been told their 5-month-old baby, born with a lung condition, cannot come home because their home is not in a suitable condition.

Albert Pejda spent the first few months of his life in hospital being treated for chronic lung disease.

Parents Claire and Steve have been told their son cannot join his brother Charlie in the family home because of black mould at the property that could prove to be fatal.

The couple have been looking privately but, unable to pay a large deposit, they now need council help.

They say they have sought help previously from the council but have been unsuccessful five months on.

They [the hospital] ask what your property is like, if you've got any issues in the property, if you've got any mould, what the heating is like. And then explaining to them about our property, they turned around and said Albert cannot come home to this. They said it will kill him if he comes home, and they're not taking that chance because of how much he has gone through.

Claire Pejda, Albert's mother

You feel like you're failing as a parent. You feel like you can't protect your child. But knowing that if he was to come here our property would ultimately kill him - that's really hard. Really hard."

Claire Pejda, Albert's mother
Albert Payder spent the first two months of his life on a respirator

Crawley Borough Council have now been moved Claire and Steve up to a higher priority band on the housing register.

Mould at the property

Following a health and safety visit from our Private Sector Housing Team, Mr and Mrs Pejda were moved up into a very high priority band on our housing register. Mr and Mrs Pejda have requested their application to be reviewed in regards to adding an additional bedroom, they will be notified once a decision has been reached."

Crawley Borough Council