A new children's emergency department has opened at Poole Hospital.

It has been designed by pupils from Longfleet Road Primary School.

The idea was to make the new department child-friendly and welcoming for young patients coming in, calling upon the pupils to submit ideas on how to accomplish this.

Every year, 18,000 children are treated at Poole hospital's emergency department.

Until now, that meant children were being treated in the same area as adults.

As well as new facilities, the department will also be staffed by three new children's nurses.

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I gave the idea of the stars on the ceiling so that when they are lying down on their hospital bed, they can look up at a different place instead of looking up at the boring hospital."


Staff at the emergency department believe the new area will make young patients feel more comfortable and themselves in a child-friendly environment, allowing doctors to more easily make a diagnosis and provide treatment.

Despite controversial plans to close Poole's emergency department and move services to Bournemouth within the next five years, the hospital says this unit will survive as part of the new Urgent Treatment Centre.

There will be quite a lot of development going on in the department, but all of the ideas and all of the things will still be here and taken forward into the future."

Debbie Fleming, Chief Exec, Poole Hospital
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