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Cyclists take over roundabout in Reading in protest over safety

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Cyclists in Reading protested over the weekend on what they say is 'bullying' on behalf of motorists, and a roundabout scheme that has made cycling a 'hazardous experience'.

The Vastern Road roundabout in Reading has sparked controversy for years, with campaigners saying it is confusing for both motorists and those on two wheels.

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When I cycle into town, I always use the pedestrian bridge and go that way because I'm just too terrified of the road and the roundabout."

– Cycling protestor

They say they have been taking their lives into their own hands on a daily basis, as they attempt to cross the large roundabout with a notorious record for accidents.

Reading Borough Council says a public report on road safety improvements at the Vastern Road Roundabout was discussed at a Traffic Management meeting in January.

It says proposals have been developed and it is working with contractors to get things moving as soon as possible.

All road users need to be careful of each other. We're not here to apportion blame. What we want is safe roads for everybody."

– Cycling protestor