Lego creatures feature at children's hospice garden

Legoland designers created the creatures for the garden

Over the years the creation designers at Legoland have built whole cities made of the small bricks, dinosaurs, even the Eiffel Tower.

Now they have taken that imagination and created an amazing garden filled with Lego creatures at a Children's Hospice in Berkshire.

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Creation designers at Legoland have created an amazing sensory garden at a Children's Hospice in Berkshire.

The hospice looks after children who have life-limiting illnesses. At present 120 children and their families are being supported.

The garden has activities that help to stimulate all five areas of sense.

There is a story-telling area, a herb garden and wooden instruments, which are just some of the other activities for the children to explore.

Woodland creatures made of Lego feature in the garden

The garden provides families the opportunity to spend time together outside.

The founder of the hospice, says that people of all ages have really enjoyed the Lego features and that the garden is full of surprises.

  • Fiona Devine, Founder, Alexander Devine Children's Hospice

Everybody from nought to eighty who has come to experience our garden, has really enjoyed the lego element to it.

Fiona Devine, Founder, Alexander Devine Children's Hospice
Children at the hospice enjoy their time at the sensory garden