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Break-in at disability charity in Hampshire leaves staff heartbroken

Staff at a 100-year old Hampshire charity, which helps disabled people live independently, say they are heartbroken by the theft of thousands of pounds worth of equipment from their premises.

The Enham Trust, a social enterprise based near Andover, helps thousands of people living with disabilities to find jobs. They provide gardening services to residents in the area.

Penny Silvester reports.

Officials at the charity say their on-site security guard alerted staff about the break-in. The incident is reported to have happened in their gardening store on Thursday evening.

This lawnmower is among the few mowers left on site after the break-in. Credit: ITV

The charity's packaging warehouse works for clients as diverse as Fortnum and Mason and Estee Lauder.

Staff working at the Enham Trust's packaging warehouse

Nigel Sully, who's the Trust's head of gardening enterprise, says up £10,000 worth of gardening machinery has been stolen. Items include trimmers, hedge cutters, leaf blowers and pulsar pruners.

The storage space thieves broke into Credit: ITV

To suffer this has been quite heartbreaking. The biggest impact is on the people. We are an organisation that supports vulnerable people.

– Nigel Sully - Head of Gardening Enterprise, Enham Trust

Officials say they hope to replace the equipment stolen to make sure they can keep the people they help on track for work.