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ITV Producer left brain damaged after eating nuts returns home

Amy May Shead is back home with her family in Essex Credit: ITV News

An ITV producer who had a severe allergic reaction to nuts that left her brain damaged and partially paralysed has returned to her family home in Essex after five years in care.

Amy May Shead, 31, needs 24-hour care at her home in Westcliff-on-Sea after eating a single bite of a meal during a holiday in Budapest, Hungary.

Amy was a successful TV Producer before the incident

In the lead-up to the tragic incident, she gave an allergy card to the waiter and had repeated reassurances that the food did not contain any traces of nuts.

When she took a bite of the food, she immediately suffered an anaphylactic shock.

Two doses of her EpiPen failed to relieve her reaction and her heart stopped beating for six minutes - starving her of oxygen.

The annexe has been fitted with a wet room. Credit: ITV News

Since then, Amy has spent the past five years in care, but she has now been allowed to return home to her parents’ house which has been fitted with a specially-adapted annexe.

The extension includes her own bedroom as well as a wet room and access to 24-hour care.

"She's now been home for four weeks," her mum Sue Shead told ITV News.

"It is wonderful having Amy home and it is lovely being able to say good morning and to see her whenever we want, but it is overwhelming and not an easy transition for any of us."

Amy's life changed dramatically five years ago

Amy's family decided to set-up the 'The Amy May Trust' to raise money for her weekly intensive physiotherapy and speech and language therapy after they were unable to claim compensation because there was no public liability insurance in place at the restaurant.

"She should be, as her friends are, at the stage of her life now where some are getting engaged, married, having children, and she's not," Sue said.

"She's this different Amy now, which is really sad."