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Huw Merriman MP: If PM wants to sack me for backing a People's Vote, so be it

The MP for Bexhill and Battle has challenged the Prime Minister to sack him for supporting a second referendum on Brexit.

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It's an unjustifiable sacking if that's the case, and if that's the price for speaking out then so be it."

– Huw Merriman MP

Huw Merriman is currently a parliamentary private secretary to Chancellor Philip Hammond.

Although it's an unpaid role, PPSs are expected to back government policy.

A second vote on Brexit is not supported by Theresa May's government - and Mr Merriman believes his job and his career are at stake for backing it.

The Bexhill and Battle MP is a PPS for Philip Hammond

He took to the stage at a People's Vote rally in London to announce his backing for another public vote.

The Tory MP has previously said he backs the PM's deal and wants to deliver on the result of the 2016 referendum.

But in a speech he said "Parliament has failed" and it "cannot make up its mind".

"It's time now to bump this over line, ask the people to do the job that Parliament should do but can't and bring on the People's vote."