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A mother from Reading whose toddler son drowned in a garden pond is warning other parents about the dangers of water in and around the home.

Lucy Herd is working with the Royal Life Saving Society to raise awareness about the risks of un-emptied baths, paddling pools and ponds.

Her son Jack died when he was 23 months old.

He climbed a wall and fell into our pond and drowned. That day will haunt me forever. I found him face down in the pond. It was a moment that never leaves you."

Lucy Herd, Jack's mother

Figures show one in six of all accidental deaths of children aged between birth and four-years-old are drowning related.

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The advice is to never leave children unattended during bath time and empty the water as soon as possible after use.

Experts say keeping the bathroom door shut can also help keep children safe.

While outside, the advice is to turn paddling pools upside down and use gates and fences to keep children away from garden ponds.