Police changes 'too little, too late' say family of murdered Shana Grice

Changes made by Sussex Police after a 19-year-old was murdered by a stalker she had reported are "too little, too late", say her family.

Shana Grice was murdered by her ex-boyfriend Michael Lane in Brighton in August 2016.

She reported him to the police five times within six months, but she was fined for wasting police time.

Michael Lane was found guilty and jailed for 25 years in March 2017.

The force confirmed some of the officers involved in her case would be facing disciplinary action over her death.

The comments from Shana's family come on the day an independent report found the force's approach to investigating stalking and harassment cases was not consistent or effective.

Shana was murdered at her home in Brighton in 2016

Our daughter took her concerns to the police and instead of being protected was treated like a criminal. She paid for the police's lack of training, care and poor attitude with her life. It's only right that the police make changes, but it's too little, too late for Shana."

Sharon Grice and Richard Green, Shana's parents

Shana's family lawyer has said the family will be attending the misconduct hearings to hear the evidence and to see "what the officers themselves have got to say."

Sussex Police confirmed that two police officers, one of whom has retired, will face gross misconduct proceedings in front of an independent chairman at public hearings in May.

No further action will be taken over five other officers investigated by the Independent of Police Conduct (IOPC).

Three other officers and three staff have already been handed "management advice and further training".

The force is committed to constantly improving our understanding of stalking and our response to it. Since then, we have undertaken all their recommendations, thoroughly reviewed all aspects of how we deal with cases of stalking and harassment and have significantly improved our service to victims."

Assistant Chief Constable Nick May, Sussex Police
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