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Thieves raid home of former Concorde pilot and wife found dead last week


Thieves have raided the Berkshire home of a former Concorde pilot and his wife, where the couple were both found dead last week.

The bodies of Anthony Meadows, 84, and his wife Paula Meadows, 85, were discovered at their house on Chapel Lane in Bucklebury on 2nd April.

Their home was then targeted between 11pm on Sunday 7th and 11am on Monday 8th.

A number of items have been stolen in the burglary including Concorde memorabilia, Concorde cufflinks and Concorde related items associated with Anthony's work.

Their home was targeted between 11pm on Sunday 7th and 11am on Monday 8th

Thames Valley Police are urging the offenders to 'look into their conscience' and return the items to Anthony and Paula's family.

The family has since taken measures to remove other items in the house for safe storage.

Officers will carry out additional patrols in the area as a result of the burglary.

The couple's bodies were found at their home in Chapel Lane a few days before the burglary

We are investigating this burglary in which it’s thought a number of items linked to Concorde and Anthony Meadows’s work as a pilot were stolen. These items have sentimental value to the family who have recently lost both their mother and father just last week. We are appealing for anyone with information as to the whereabouts of these items. We would ask anyone who may have been offered these items for sale to please get in touch with Thames Valley Police.”

– Detective Inspector Alice Broad, Investigating Officer, Thames Valley Police