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Tax scam dupes Brighton woman out of more than £11,000


A pensioner has spoken of her horror after realising that she had been scammed out of more than £11,000 by fraudsters pretending to be from the Tax Office.

Jane Ripley from Brighton was targeted by criminals over three consecutive days, emptying her current account and forcing her to borrow thousands from her friend.

It comes as Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) say they have received 60,000 reports of phone scams in the last six months.

He gave me all sorts of threats about what would happen to me if I didn't make a payment and they included, within two hours, a police officer with a warrant for my arrest would appear at my front door. I'd be taken into custody and I would be charged. I was absolutely terrified."

– Jane Riley, Fraud victim

Jane Riley says she is still shaken from her encounter with fraudsters who called her out of the blue.

They pretended to be the HMRC demanding unpaid tax.

The scammers convinced her they were genuine by directing her to the HMRC website.

They then told her to scroll down the page to the contact number at the bottom, a number which they then used to call her back on.

Internet searches later confirmed her suspicions that she had been duped.

Jane now owes her friend £7,000 following the scam

This particular scam, operating outside of the UK, has seen a 360% increase in a year.

Financial Abuse Safeguarding Officer Bernadette Lawrie from Sussex Police says it is "difficult to make an impact into fraudsters operating overseas".

She added that forces rely on "prevention, education and disruption" to raise the awareness of scams with the public.

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