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Badgers rescued from septic tank pit

I just hope they’re a bit more careful and look where they’re going next time they go searching for food!”

– Julie Parsons, Animal collection officer, RSPCA

An RSPCA officer has rescued two badgers who fell 3m into a pit - and got trapped - in a West Sussex garden.

The homeowner found the stricken badgers in her garden in Underhill Lane in Ditchling. The hole had been dug for a new septic tank.

I felt sick, as one of them had some blood by their ear and they weren’t moving much. We had left a ladder in the hole overnight, but then went to find a long plank of wood to see if they would come up by themselves. In the meantime, I rang the RSPCA and they said they would send someone.”

– Homeowner

Animal collection officer, Julie Parsons, arrived within the hour, and climbed into the pit to rescue the pair.

I checked both badgers over and, despite one of them having some blood staining around the ear, it looked like the wound was superficial.

They didn’t require veterinary treatment so I decided to release them there and then. It was lovely to see them trotting back off into the undergrowth."

– Julie Parsons, Animal collection officer, RSPCA