Brighton man 'wanted' limbs removed in meningitis battle

A man from Brighton is learning to live life to the full again after losing his limbs to meningitis.

Doctors feared 60-year-old Mike Davies would die after contracting the infection in 2017.

He battled for 70 days in intensive care and pulled through but lost his hands and feet.

Mike says he was suffering so much that he was "looking forward" to having his limbs removed.

Now with the help of prosthetics, he is able to drive a specially adapted car and can even hold a pint of beer again.

He wants to tell others in similar situations "never give up".

  • What is meningitis?

  • Meningitis is a viral or bacterial infection that affects the brain and spinal cord

  • It can cause life-threatening blood poisoning, known as septicaemia and result in permanent brain or nerve damage

  • Symptoms include a high temperature, headache, stiff neck and a rash

Mike Davies and his wife Julie

Between 20% and 40% of people who survive meningitis or neonatal sepsis are left with problems such as hearing loss, brain damage or amputations.

The Meningitis Research Foundation is working with the World Health Organisation and other partners to create a Global Roadmap to Defeat Meningitis by 2030.

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After a remarkable recovery, Mike says that he and his family are now looking to the future in a positive way, and aiming to live life to the full.

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