Families in Winchester hope to make hospice dream a reality

Fundraisers hope to turn the old Burrell House building into a new hospice Credit: Winchester Hospice Appeal

Residents in Winchester hope to transform a building that was once a home for nurses into a hospice for people nearing the end of their lives.

Burrell House was a residence for nursing staff during the First World War.

Today it's the focus of a fundraising appeal giving hope to thousands of people caring for dying relatives.

The nearest hospice for families living in Winchester is currently in Andover or Basingstoke.

This means they travel approximately 35-miles to visit loved ones receiving end of life care.

For individuals like Paula Stopinski, who's mother died 18 months ago in an Andover hospice, having to travel so far can 'add stress' at a very difficult time.

Paula is currently appealing for help to raise more than half a million pounds to make the dream of a new hospice in the city a reality.

She believes the new building will be a legacy to her mother and future generations to come.

It was a really, really traumatic time for us as a family because there was lots of travelling.

Paula Stopinski - Hospice fundraiser
Burrell House today

So far £2.2million has been raised in support of the hospice campaign.

An additional £800,000 is needed before building work can begin.

When it opens the hospice will be partly funded by the NHS as well as the charity.

Health workers caring for patients, who are nearing the end of their lives, believe it will make a huge difference.

It will make a phenomenal difference for our community in Winchester because I think it will help people look at palliative care, and end of life care, and really embrace it as part of life.

Maddie Thomson - Clinical Matron for Palliative and End of Life Care (Winchester Hospice)

Officials from the Winchester Hospice Appeal say they have had an "amazing" response from local residents.

They're hoping to raise £3million to help get the hospice up and running.

Judith Charmer hopes the hospice appeal will reach its £3million fundraising target

"We're so touched by how the community has got together and is getting behind the project.

Judith Charmer - Fundraising Manager, Winchester Hospice Appeal
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