A new approach for job seekers with autism in Kent

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A recruitment firm in Maidstone is helping tailor bespoke interviews for people with autism who find themselves struggling to get jobs.

Ethical HR Solutions has been helping people like 23-year-old Morgan who has a diploma in engineering.

In the past he says he's struggled to get past the interview stage when it comes to getting a job because he's autistic.

I get an interview on the rare occasion. I'll go to it and I'll go with a full speech in mind. If he asks me a question I've got the answer, but the moment I'm sitting there and talking to him it's as if my brain just decides to pull the ejector seat. For me this is drastically more relaxed. I can talk. I feel like I'm talking to a regular person and not my boss or say future boss. It just feels as if an entire weight's been taken off my shoulders as I talk to him."

Morgan De'Holland, Job seeker

As well as a practical audition, this interview takes place not in an office but in a walk along the beach with Morgan's dog beside him, leaving him more relaxed and better able to express himself.

We have an amazing talent pool of people who are disabled but unfortunately there are so many barriers to employment. I'd like employers to just think differently and do their interview process and just do their interview process differently and value the fact that we're all unique, we're all different and we all have amazing skills to bring to the workplace."

Amanda Parvin, HR Consultant
Morgan has already used this opportunity to try his hand at welding at Sheppey Engineering

He's come in to me. He's asked me some very sensible questions and he's very keen, and so far his practical skills have shown that he's more than capable of doing certain elements around the job even as a basic trainee."

Allen Packman, Engineering foreman