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Philippa has the latest weather update for the east

Philippa has the latest weather Photo: ITV Meridian

A mix of sunny spells and showers this afternoon, gradually clouding over from the west later. Storm Hannah will arrive overnight, bringing rain and strengthening winds. Saturday will be a very windy day with scattered, blustery showers, feeling pretty chilly in the wind too.

Today:A bright start with sunny spells, but scattered heavy, and perhaps thundery, showers will arrive during the morning and afternoon, Cloud will increase later. Southerly winds will freshen, perhaps becoming strong on coasts. Maximum temperature 18 °C.

Tonight:Generally cloudy with rain at times, although perhaps becoming drier later. Winds will strengthen later, especially along coasts with possible gales. Feeling chilly. Minimum temperature 5 °C.

Saturday:Mainly cloudy with rain or occasionally heavy showers. Feeling markedly colder with strong winds or gales, and possible severe coastal gales in west. Winds becoming westerly later. Maximum temperature 11 °C.