Church bees evicted after 20 years as roof sags under hive's weight

Credit: ITV

Experts have removed 50,000 bees from a church in Oxfordshire.

St Nicholas' Church in Piddington has been home to the insects for 20 years but the weight of the hive had caused the roof of the building to sag.

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The bees weren't just affecting the building's structure, they were also disrupting church services and weddings.

The hive has become too big and too heavy Credit: ITV

The bees have been removed safely by experts over the past three days and will now be quarantined for a few weeks before settling into their new home in Lancashire.

The church will be having a farewell service to the bees on May 5. Credit: ITV
  • Reverend Stephen Hayes, St Nicholas' Church

The removal process has proved difficult as the experts have had to climb ladders in heavy protective gear to get to the bees.

The bees will be moved about 200 miles away to Lancashire. Credit: ITV
  • Abigail Reade, Bee keeper