South Western Railway's timetable to see its biggest shake up for 20 years

Credit: ITV

The biggest changes to rail times on the South Western Railway network - the busiest in Europe - for almost twenty years will be introduced this month.

  • Watch this report from Mike Pearse, explaining the changes to come

Passengers on South Western Railway may notice changes to their normal train journey soon. Starting from May 19, the network will see the biggest changes to its train times in 20 years.

The changes mean an extra 300 services, including more trains on routes such as Reading, Windsor and Salisbury to Waterloo and Farnham to Guildford.

New carriages will be in service. Credit: ITV

The improvements were delayed after disruption last May caused by major timetable changes at Govia Thameslink Railway.

The changes going ahead have been dialled back from the original proposals after thousands of passengers objected. Initial plans included cuts to station stops in order to speed up some services.

  • Neil Drury, South Western Railway

South Western Railway is the busiest rail network in Europe with 650,000 passengers who may be affected by the changes.

Many passengers objected to the changes that were originally planned. Credit: ITV