Oxfordshire dad hits back after trolls target daughter with Downs syndrome

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A father from Banbury has spoken out after his daughter, who has Downs Syndrome, was targeted by online trolls.

Neil Markham posted a video on Twitter of his daughter Ella after going to a Tottenham Hotspur match.

Despite her team losing, she danced away to a band while on the Spur's new football ground.

Hurtful messages and phrases were then posted by other users of the social media site, making fun of the 16-year-old.

He says out of over 20,000 messages he received since posting the video on social media, around 100 of those were negative, with 'some worse than others'.

Neil then posted his phone number and told online abusers to contact him directly rather than post offensive comments about his daughter.

"I've had messages where people have said to me 'I've used those words before, I won't use them again' and if one person does that then Ella's changed the world really," he said.

Many of the online abusers have since deleted their comments and even their Twitter accounts.

In some instances, their accounts have been suspended.

Ella, who is proud of her dad for sticking up for her, said: "I don't like bullies, I do love my daddy."

Neil says that thousands of people have been sending messages of positivity, condemning the online trolls and showing their support for Ella and her dancing.

While he says the positive comments have been 'fantastic', he cannot guarantee that he wouldn't get a similar response if he were to post on social media again.